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behavioral health facility


Bridge Rehabilitation Center is a locally owned and operated healthcare agency. We serve families throughout Michigan. We offer comprehensive home healthcare services, including acute care and long-term care, physical therapy and residential living services. We understand how difficult it can be to choose a home healthcare provider for someone you love. Rest assured that Bridge Rehabilitation Center has the experience, professionalism, clinical expertise and compassion you need and deserve. 


At Bridge Rehabilitation Center our core values guide us in everything we do, which we call COMFORT. These values are what we strive to provide to every individual we serve. 

Care - We provide individual care for your unique situation, helping you manage medications or create a personalized balance program to help prevent falls and promote safety, among other services.  


Originality - We encourage our clients to believe that true originality is the ability to approach existing ideas or solve important problems through new eyes and in new ways in our home health care services.  

Modern Technology - We pride ourselves in keeping our technology up to date in the healthcare community, providing potent tools to improve patient care.

Family Portal - We want you to feel connected every step of the way. Access medical histories of your loved one and make the most well-considered medical decisions.

Outstanding Service - Great customer service starts with taking a patient-centric perspective. Our customer service experiences sets the expectation for the quality of care for your loved one.

Reputation - We take pride in our reputation and have a qualified staff of trained individuals to care for your loved one.

Teamwork - Our team works effectively focusing on a patient centered teamwork approach, therefore, positively affecting patient safety and outcomes. 

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