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Teletherapy Counseling Services In Michigan: Benefits, How They Work

teletherapy counseling services in Michi

Teletherapy is a type of mental health counseling that is offered online or over the phone. Since video conferencing software enhances, maximum therapists in Michigan are including this type of virtual mental health assistance into their practice. Teletherapy counseling services in Michigan can be feasible for both the therapist and the client. Many studies recommend that it works simply like in-person counseling.

What is Teletherapy?

It’s a remote treatment that utilizes technology for helping the client and the therapist communicating. A few instances of teletherapy incorporate:

•    Using applications that connect therapists to clients and provide treatment within the app
•    Getting therapy through instant messenger or email
•    Utilizing video conferencing for couples, individuals, or group therapy
•    Having a group chat for group therapy
•    Undergoing therapy sessions over the phone.

Advantages of Teletherapy Counseling Services

Teletherapy offers a plethora of advantages compared to traditional therapy:

1. Reduced Costs

Teletherapy may assist clients in saving money on the treatment. Clients are also prone to afford fewer treatment-related costs when they don’t need to travel for paying for child care or getting treatment.

2. Better Access to Care

Some individuals cannot utilize conventional therapy because of scheduling problems, geographic location, or physical disabilities.

3. More Privacy

Individuals who select teletherapy don’t need to wait much but can look for treatment in the comfort of their own houses. For some, this reduces privacy concerns.

4. High Satisfaction

Clients of standard teletherapy report high satisfaction with this therapy.

5. Greater Public Health

The COVID-19 health crisis showcases that the capacity for looking for healthcare at home can reduce the spread of ailments and safeguard vulnerable populations. Teletherapy enables people to receive mental health therapy at home with no risks of spreading the infection amidst pandemics.

How Does a Teletherapy Counseling Session Work?

Although it’s possible to provide teletherapy through phone or email, contemporary teletherapy mental health sessions basically utilize video chat. This procedure is the same as in-person treatment. Generally, it starts with some initial sessions amid which the client and the therapist become familiar with each other and discuss treatment targets. Then, the therapist may delve more intensely into the client’s problems, make suggestions for behavioral transformations, and motivate the client for expressing their emotions.

The therapist may ask clients for taking some steps to make sure confidentiality. These might incorporate:

•    Registering in a private network
•    Keeping their PC locked for preventing others from viewing therapy sessions
•    Receiving therapy through an encrypted treatment platform

Clients must also ask the therapists what particular steps they should take for safeguarding the client’s confidentiality and hinder third parties from viewing session notes or therapy sessions.


Teletherapy counseling services in Michigan are a perfect option for individuals who find it tough to get in-person treatment. It’s a great choice for slowing the spread of contagious diseases like COVID-19. As with other healthcare services, standard treatment gives better results. An individual must work with the therapist to enjoy an effective mental health treatment that provides maximum advantages.

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