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Vocational Therapy

Vocational Therapy

We provide vocational rehabilitation also known as vocational therapy to facilitate individuals with disabilities or recent injury or disability to return to work. The services vary depending on the needs of the individual. Whether you are looking to obtain work or adjust your role in your current employer we can help you step by step with that process of getting back into the workforce within your capacity.

Our vocational rehab counselors will help you live fuller, more independent lives. We also work directly with your families, doctors, and therapists to ensure we have proper documentation to show your abilities and readiness for work.

What We Include

  • Training

  • Upgrading general skills

  • Refresher courses

  • On-the-job training

  • Career counseling

  • Employment searches

  • Consulting with potential or existing employers for job accommodations and modifications 

What We Provide

  • Assessment, program evaluation and research

  • Goal setting and intervention planning

  • Functional and work capacity evaluations

  • Case Management, referral, and service co-ordination

  • Psychosocial Interventions

  • Adjustments to medical and psychological impact of disability 

  • Health advice, promotion, and support to return to work

  • Support for self-management of conditions 

  • Simulated work environment to test your ability to work

Specialized Conditions

  • N/A

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