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Different Types of home healthcare services in Michigan

healthcare services in Michigan

A patient can receive a wide range of home healthcare services in Michigan. Based on the situation of a patient, care can range from specialized medical services like laboratory workups to nursing care. You and your physician decide the plan of health care and services you may require at home. This blog discusses the major at-home care services. Keep reading them below!

1. Nursing Care

This is the most common type of home healthcare. It depends on the individual’s requirements. After consulting with a doctor, a registered nurse will establish a plan of care. Nursing care may incorporate administering medication, wound dressing, intravenous treatment, pain control, monitoring the patient’s general health, and other health assistance.

2. Doctor Care

Doctors may visit patients at home for diagnosing and treating illnesses. He/she may also assess the home healthcare requirements periodically.

3. Medical Social Services

Medical social workers offer different services to patients, incorporating locating community resources and counseling for helping patients in their recovery. A few social workers are also the case managers of patients in case the medical condition of the patients is very critical and needs the coordination of different services.

4. Occupational, Physical, and/or Speech Therapy

A few patients may require assistance in relearning the ways of performing regular responsibilities or enhancing their speech after an ailment or injury. Physical therapists can put together plans of care for helping patients re-obtain or strengthen the utilization of joints and muscles. Occupational therapists can help patients with emotional, social, developmental, or physical disabilities relearn the ways of performing daily functionalities like dressing, eating, bathing, and more. Speech therapists can help patients with improper speech regain the capacity of communicating precisely.

5. Volunteer Care

Volunteers from community entities can offer fundamental comfort to the patients through companionship, assisting with personal care, offering emotional support, transportation, and/or helping with documentation.

6. Care from Home Health Aides

Home health aides help patients with their fundamental personal requirements like getting out of beds, bathing, dressing, and walking. A few aides have received special training for supporting more specialized healthcare under a nurse’s supervision.

7. Nutritional Support

Dietitians come to the patients’ house for offering dietary analysis and guidance for supporting the treatment strategy.

8. Companionship

A few patients who are alone at home may need a companion for offering supervision and comfort. Moreover, some companions may perform household tasks.

9. Pharmaceutical Services

Medical devices and medicines can be delivered at home. In case patients require it, training can be offered on the ways of taking medications or using the devices, incorporating intravenous treatment.

10. Lab Services

A few lab tests like urine and blood tests can be performed at the comfort of patients’ houses. Moreover, portable X-ray devices allow lab technicians to perform these services at home.

Bottom Lines

The aforesaid 10 are major home healthcare services in Michigan you may find. In case you are looking for any of them in Michigan, stay in touch with Bridge Rehabilitation Center right away.

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