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Types of Injuries and Illnesses Handled By the Emergency Medical Care in Michigan

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Accidents are very unpredictable or unexpected circumstances that are mishaps and bring a lot of negative results as well. Although maximum minor accidents are not life-risking, some major accidents happen around us daily. The most common kinds of accidents that occur in Michigan include auto and road accidents, sports-related accidents, fire accidents, or fall injuries. You need to understand the emergency services and a person needs emergency medical care in Michigan if he faces an accident. Emergency medical services offer acute healthcare services to the victim, either outside the hospital or in the emergency room.

The accident and emergency specialists of a rehabilitation clinic deal with the critical medical care of victims who have suffered injuries during the car accident. Medical professionals who work in a rehabilitation center can help the victims immediately at the site of the accident. They offer the accident victims all types of emergency medical services to help them recover.

Emergency Medical Services at Bridge Rehabilitation Center


Bridge Rehabilitation Center in Michigan is completely equipped with the proper emergency medical service facilities, equipment, and training in the emergency department to help car accident victims. Paramedic services, ambulance services, and other emergency medical care services are offered to victims.

Role Played by the Accident and Emergency Department


The accident and emergency department of Bridge Rehabilitation Center offer emergency medical services in Michigan to patients who may suffer from mental illnesses, cardiac arrests, heart attacks, trauma, and asthma. During fall or road accidents, victims may encounter trauma because of several injuries in several organs. And trained professionals must handle these issues with care.

People with multiple injuries usually suffer from trauma. Generally, it is treated by the specialized trauma department of Bridge Rehabilitation Center. The team of specialists that are trained enough takes over the victim’s treatment.

Emergency medical services offered in the emergency room to the car accident victims may vary from the setting of broken bones and simple X-rays to activating a developed trauma care team for taking over the patient care management. In case critical care is offered within the crucial time period, the possibilities of the patient’s survival are highly enhanced.


Types of Emergencies Managed By the Emergency Medical Service Specialists


Patients with serious road accidents are monitored by the emergency medical department. A victim either brought in to the emergency medical room or offered medical care at the accident site in case of the following emergencies:

  • Fits

  • Excessive bleeding that can’t be stopped

  • Poisoning

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Car accident injuries

  • Breathing issues

  • Spinal cord and head injuries

  • Brain injuries

  • Fall injuries

  • Industrial injuries

  • Mental trauma due to car accidents


Final Words


At Bridge Rehabilitation Center, the emergency specialists offer emergency medical care in Michigan in case of road accidents. The team of rehabilitation specialists comprises orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physiotherapists. Make sure to call as soon as possible in case you experience any kind of medical emergency in Michigan.

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