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Assisted Living

Assisted Living

We provide a residential community for individuals who need help daily with activities. This is a great choice for seniors and people with physical and mental disabilities who need help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, taking medications, and using the restroom. This program is meant for individuals who require 24-hour supervision to ensure safety, manage medications and require not only non-medical staffing but medical staffing as much such as skilled nursing. 

Our communities include meals, transportation, gym membership, support services and assistance with hygiene, fall prevention and housekeeping. We also provide contracted local health providers that can offer medical care if needs increase. 

What We Include

  • 24-hour supervision

  • ADL Program

  • Administration of medication

  • Dietary consultation program

  • Attendance to medical appointments

  • Social-recreational reintegration

  • Gym Membership

  • Program Case Coordination

  • LPN/RN oversight

  • Psychological/Behavioral Analysis 

What We Provide

  • Initial intake, assessment, and consultation

  • Individualized plan

  • Team meetings

  • Support services

Specialized Conditions

  • N/A

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