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Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists help our clients with difficulty swallowing, eating and speaking due to cognitive impairments. Our goal is to restore your ability to communicate effectively and return to normal.

What We Include

  • Medication Management, organization, and planning (Med Set-up)

  • Wound, Ostomy, Continence Care

  • PICC line dressing changes

  • IV Therapy, any injections

  • Assistance with medical machinery, including ventilators

  • TPN, G-tube or other feedings

  • Blood draws and injections

  • Skilled hospice nursing

  • Rehabilitation and catastrophic

  • Disease Management

And much more…

What We Provide

  • Certified speech-language pathologist who are trained in diagnosis and treatment of patients with conditions below

  • Assessment, diagnosing and treatment of speech disorders

  • Treatment with communication systems and devices

  • Reduce risk of aspiration

  • Education to patient, family and caregivers to ensure they have the knowledge to handle language and swallowing disorders

Specialized Conditions

  • Dysphagia

  • Head injuries such as traumatic brain injury

  • Neurological disorders

  • Voice disorders

  • Other medical conditions

We are here to restore your ability to communicate and build the confidence you need in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today so we can begin providing you a step further towards your independence and make a positive change in your life.

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